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Wednesday, December 12th, 2012
[This journal is friends only. If you wish to be added, comment here and I will add you back. Its better that you comment here as well as adding me because I do not always check my friends of list and I have removed several dead journals.

Just remember if you do happen to come across this journal, it is NOT really Steve Yzerman. It is again, just a game for my own personal amusement. I mean no disrespect at all to Steve Yzerman or any other Red Wing. Its all just a game. Okay?

If you do not understand, let me direct you to the disclaimer. Everything you need to know is explained there.]

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Sunday, May 2nd, 2004
7:17 pm - [This probably needs to be said.. so OOC post]
[OOC, please read.]Collapse )

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Sunday, September 1st, 2002
11:39 pm - The First entry in my journal
Hello to all in Live Journal World.

I was talking to Sean today and i usually don't go on the computer very much because i am very busy with my kind of schedule,but since i've had my surgery on my knee i have not done very much because the Doc told me to stay off my leg for about a month dont do anything heavy like running or stretching,i was talking to Sean to see if he had a computer and he said yeah he does i asked him if there was anything online that had like a some sort of diary thing and he told me about this so i got a code from him and i worked on it earlier and now that i have one ill probably post in this frequently, if i have the time.

I see that Jiri Fischer, i know Sean had one and wow! i found my old teammate Slava Kozlov has one. Well i guess i better be going the kids are wanting me to watch the rest of the movie with them.

[EDIT- This journal is now Friends only due to secruity reasons. If you want to be added, leave a comment or just add.]

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